XGA LCD Projektorius
Clear Images
Easy Wireless Projection
Quick Operation
Techniniai duomenis
Kompaktikas Belaidis LCD Projektorius

  • Full Wlan vaizdo ir garso perdavimas su IEEE802.11 b/g
  • 3200 ANSI liumen viesos srautas
  • XGA 1024x768x3 vaizdo takai
  • Moderni Daylight View 2 technologija
    (iurjimo dienos viesoje)
  • Kompaktikas (33x7x23 cm dydio ir 1.9 kg svorio

Clear Images
Daylight View 2
A built-in sensor measures the ambient light, and the halftone colors and brightness level are adjusted accordingly in real time. Viewing brightness is increased by as much as 50%.*
Even details in dark parts of the image are crisp and clear when viewed in a brightly lit environment, which is difficult with conventional projectors. Pale colors that tend to wash out are clearly expressed, to ensure easy-to-see, highly detailed images. Images are sharp even when using the projector in a fully lighted meeting room, so there is no need to shut the blinds.
*Comparison with Daylight View 2 On and Off, using an 80-inch screen and ordinary meeting room lighting of 400 lux.

Optimum Viewing
You can select the picture mode that best matches the image source and room conditions.
Natural - Best in dark rooms.
Standard - For rooms with regular lighting conditions.
Dynamic - For exceptionally bright rooms.
Photo* - For still pictures from an SD Memory Card.
Auto* - Automatically switches to the best picture mode.
*Applicable only to images input from an SD Memory Card.
Easy Wireless Projection
World's Fastest Wireless*1
Wireless Manager ME 3.0 software (provided) increases transmission speed by five times compared to a previous Panasonic model*2. You get fast, smooth, stress-free transmission even with large video files*3.
*1 As of February 7, 2006, according to a Panasonic evaluation of wireless transmission from PC to projector.
*2 PT-LB20NT
*3 Content and DVDs using DRM (Digital Rights Management) cannot be transmitted.

Multi Live Mode
Up to 16 PCs can be simultaneous displayed. Select from a host of screen display styles.
4-Screen Multi Style
You can assign an area of one quarter of the projector screen to each of up to four PCs. This allows several people to participate by displaying their images simultaneously, and leads to effective brainstorming. You can also display four slides at a time to speed up the meeting's progress.
4-Screen Index Style
Displays the indexes (small screens) of up to four PC screens, and makes one of these screens an enlarged display. You can select one of the indexes with the remote control, and instantly enlarge it to full-screen size, or flip the slides one-by-one. This is effective for classroom use or group announcements.
16-Screen Index Style
Displays the indexes (small screens) of up to 16 PC screens. This is a good way to simultaneously monitor the students' PC screens during class.

Wireless Prompter
This function allows transmission of content other than what's displayed on your PC. For example, you can display text documents on your PC screen while projecting a slide from your MicrosoftR PowerPointR presentation*. It lets you view your notes while giving a presentation. It also displays thumbnail images of the slides, so you can immediately jump to any slide you want.
* With Wireless Manager ME 3.0, you can use the projector screen as a secondary monitor for the PC. In this setup, MicrosoftR PowerPointR must be set to "Show Presenter View."

Easy-to-Use Transmission Software
The provided Wireless Manager ME 3.0 software makes the wireless projector much easier to use. There is no need to set an IP address for communicating with the projector, and when you are finished using the projector, the IP address setting is automatically returned to the original setting. You enjoy super-easy wireless projection. You can also copy the software to a memory card and take it with you on a trip. This lets you enjoy wireless transmission even at presentation sites where the computer doesn't have the software*.
* Transmission will be slower than with a computer that has the software installed. Also, certain functions may not be available. Choose "Use without installing" for using your wireless projector with a PC that doesn't have the Wireless Manager ME3.0 software.

Selective Area Transmission Function
By using the area select window, you can specify the necessary information from your PC screen, and display only the selected area on the projection screen. Also, when selecting a part to be enlarged, it can be automatically fitted to the desired window. This simplifies operation and lets you display materials at a meeting while taking notes on your PC.
Roughly adjust the area select window over the area you want to enlarge,
then click the Fit button
The area select window is sized to perfectly match the window.
Naturally, you can also manually adjust the area select window if you want.
Automatically, only the area inside the frame is projected.
Quick Operation
Two Second Speed Start
With Speed Start, the image appears in about two seconds after you press the power button.

Auto Search
When a source is connected and you switch the unit on, it automatically detects what kind of source is connected and begins projection.

Easy On-screen Display
The LB60NT can display operating instructions, such as a list of function keys for popular PCs that can be used to activate the presentation mode.

Real Time Keystone Correction
This function detects any changes to the vertical angle of the projector during operation and instantly makes the necessary keystone correction for optimum viewing.
Corrects automatically.

Direct Power Off
When the presentation is completed, Direct Power Off lets you disconnect the power cable and move the projector right away, because the cooling fan keeps operating until the lamp is cooled*.
When using a ceiling-mounted projector, this function ensures that the lamp will not be damaged by immediately turning off the main power.
*The projector should not be placed into a bag until the cooling fan stops operating.

Other Features
Pointer Function
A pointer displayed on the screen can be moved using the arrow button of the remote control. You can also change the shape of the pointer appearing on the projection screen to any of three types for presentation purposes.
Security Features
The projector is equipped with anti-theft features, such as a user password control lock and a Kensington lock.
Short-throw lens
This lens projects a large-screen image even in small meeting rooms where the distance from the projector to the screen is limited
Text Display
You can set text to be displayed at the bottom of the projected image at all times.
Lamp Unit
Replacement lamp unit
Ceiling Mount Bracket

Serial Adapter
Techniniai duomenis
Power supply 100-240 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption 300 W [During standby (when fan is stopped) : Approx. 3 W]
Optical system Dichroic mirror separation / prism synthesis system
LCD panel Panel size(diagonal) 20.32 mm type
Aspect ratio 4:3
Display method 3 transparent LCD panels (RGB)
Pixels 786,432 (1,024 x 768) x 3 panels
Lens Manual zoom (1:1 - 1:1.2) / Manual focus F 1.7 - 1.8 f 24.0mm - 28.8mm
Lamp 220 W UHM lamp
Brightness 3,200 lm
Contrast ratio 400:1 (full on/full off)*1
Scanning frequency Horizontal scanning frequency 15 kHz - 91 kHz
(for RGB signals) Vertical scanning frequency 50 Hz - 85 Hz
YPBPR signals 480i, 576i, 480p, 576p, 1,080 / 60i, 1,080 / 50i, 720 / 60p
Color system 7 (NTSC / NTSC 4.43 / PAL / PAL-M / PAL-N / PAL60 / SECAM)
Projection size 838 mm - 7,620 mm
Throw distance 1.1 m - 10.8 m
Optical axis shift 6:1 (fixed)
Installation Front / rear, ceiling / desk (menu selection)
Speaker 4x3cm x 1, oval
Max. usable volume output 1.0 W (mono)
Connectors PC 1 IN (RGB 1 IN) D-sub HD 15-pin x 1
During RGB input R.G.B.: 0.7 V [p-p], 75Ω
G.SYNC: 1.0 V [p-p], 75Ω
HD/SYNC: TTL, positive / negative polarity compatible
VD: TTL, positive / negative polarity compatible
During YPBPR input Y: 1.0 V [p-p] (Including sync), 75Ω
PB, PR: 0.7 V [p-p], 75Ω
PC 2 IN/PC 1 OUT (RGB 2 IN/RGB 1 ) D-sub HD 15-pin x 1 (input / output selectable using on-screen menu)
During RGB input R.G.B.: 0.7 V [p-p], 75Ω
G.SYNC: 1.0 V [p-p], 75Ω
HD/SYNC: TTL, positive / negative polarity compatible
VD: TTL, positive / negative polarity compatible
During YPBPR input Y: 1.0 V [p-p] (Including sync), 75Ω
PB, PR: 0.7 V [p-p], 75Ω
VIDEO IN Single-line, RCA pin jack
1.0 V [p-p], 75Ω
S-VIDEO IN Single-line, Mini DIN 4-pin
Y 1.0 V [p-p], C 0.286 V [p-p], 75Ω
PC 1(RGB 1) AUDIO IN M3 (L, R) x 1, 0.5 V [rms]
PC 2(RGB 2) AUDIO IN M3 (L, R) x 1, 0.5 V [rms]
AUDIO IN RCA (L, R) x 1, 0.5 V [rms], for VIDEO and S-VIDEO
AUDIO OUT M3 (L, R) x 1, 0 - 2.0 V [rms] (variable)
SERIAL Mini DIN 8-pin x 1, for external control (RS-232C)
Dimensions Width 327 mm
Length 233 mm
Height 75 mm
Weight 2.6kg
Operating environment Temperature 0 C - 40 C
Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g
Remote control unit Power supply 3VDC (AAA battery x 2)
Operating range*2 Approx. 7 m (when operated directly in front of signal receptor)
Weight 74 g (including batteries)
Dimension (WxLxH) 52x21x123 mm
Supplied accessories Power cord
Wireless remote control
Batteries for remote control
VGA cable
Lens cover
Carrying bag
Optional accessories Replacement lamp unit ET-LAB30
Ceiling mount bracket ET-PKB30
Full-function wireless remote control ET-RM300
Serial adapter (DIN 8-pin / D-sub 9-pin) ET-ADSER

*1:In AI mode.
*2:Operation range differs depending on environments.

Weights and dimensions shown are approximate.

Specifications subject to change without notice.